ShipTek2011 uncorked the fizzing maritime fiesta in the heavenly city of Dubai at Hotel Crowne Plaza on April 18, 2011. The major objectives of ShipTek 2011 were to unearth innovative ideas, unlock the gateways to new challenges and unleash a revolution in shipping, marine and offshore industries all over the world.

The foremost attractions of ShipTek 2011 was the two-day International Conference on Shipping, Marine and Offshore Industries and 'ShipTek Expo 2011', an elegant exhibition of the products and services from leading maritime companies. The conference saw an outstanding array of speakers who delivered their best knowledge and groundbreaking ideas on various aspects of maritime industry. The event became a stage, sparkling with exciting debates and fruitful discussions. Through ShipTek Expo 2011, the exhibitors highlighted their latest technical products and services before clients from all over the world. Apart from being a perfect platform to unravel expertise, it became a resourceful business-networking platform to keep the audience updated with latest developments in the industry.

Along with ShipTek2011, the fifth International Maritime Video & Excellence Awards was also staged. Cultural programmes, cocktails and gala dinner added more fizz to this exceptional event.